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PowerPaw™ Trimmer Head-Latest Elite

PowerPaw™ Trimmer Head

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Get Extra Grinder Heads for your PowerPaw™ Electric Pet Nail TrimmerYou won't regret getting extra grinder heads because if you have a lot of pets, trim your pet's nails often, and/or just want multiple heads for backup, we highly recommend getting two or more extra heads so you have a clear state of mind that you will always be able to trim their nails wherever you are!

What if your pet let you trim their nails?

Our PowerPaw™ Nail Trimmer makes sure you & your fur baby won't have to worry about these issues. Trim your pet's nails with ease, precision, and a super comfortable grooming experience all in the comfort of your home.

        Never worry about hurting your baby's nails again 🐶😸


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              CUSTOMER FAQ

              Question: How quickly does it work? Does it take a long time to grind the nail to a shorter length?
              Answer: It grinds at a perfect rate and is easily controlled. I am very happy with it because you don't have to worry about cutting the nails too short. Highly recommend it to anyone with a pet that needs their nails trimmed regularly.

              Question: Can I charge it with my iPhone charger?
              Answer: Yes. You can charge it in your phone adapter, laptop, computer, power bank, and more. Very easy to use.

              Question: Is the grinder quiet? My pets don't like the loud ear piercing sounds, she is anxious.
              Answer: Our trimmer features super low noise and vibration. So the grinder is whisper quiet and not noticeable. Your pet won't even realize he/she is getting their nails trimmed.

              Question: How effective is it long term?
              Answer: I have been using it for almost a year now for my dogs Roxy & Mika and I have had no issues. Super glad that I was able to grab 2 when it was on sale too! 5/5 - Very satisfied.

              PowerPaw™ Trimmer Head-Latest Elite

              PowerPaw™ Trimmer Head